The Salto del Río Yasica or Salto de Santa Emilia nature reserve is located in Matagalpa about 11 kilometers northeast of the city on the road to Tuma near Hacienda La Cumplida. It has an area of ​​445 hectares. It was declared a protected area through Presidential Decree 42-91, published in La Gaceta No. 207 on November 4, 1991.

The area has its greatest environmental importance from the point of view of conservation of hydrological basins for the production of water and control of erosion and sedimentation of soils and protection of infrastructure located in the lowlands. The Yasica River is formed by the union of three rivers: La Cumplida, Las Cañas and Las Escaleras.

This natural reserve occupies an important place in the production of coffee, fruit trees and the Yasica region that is part of the San Rafael tourist project, known as the so-called Coffee Route. It has a tourist potential due to its pleasant temperature and its beautiful landscapes, the Nubian forest, exotic plants such as orchids in danger of extinction, quetzals.


  • Trekking Guided 3 hours along the river, or shorter trails in the different properties of small producers.
  • Bath in the spectacular Santa Emilia jump.
  • Participation in rural activities daily activities of the farms.

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The waterfall is accessible all year round by the road but it is not visible from it. The path that goes from the road to the waterfall is a narrow one of only about 200 meters and is provided with steps.

  • Public transportation: From Matagalpa, take a bus north or Guanuca terminal, one of which goes to La Dalia or Waslala, ask to be dropped off at the Las Cañas Community.