León is one of the beautiful heritage cities of Nicaragua, and one of the oldest on the continent, with a rich history, architecture, tradition, culture, nature and a peaceful lifestyle. Santiago de los Caballeros de León, located in the west of the country, is also known as The University City.

What should a tourist do in León?

Cerro Negro volcano

  • You pay only for the guided tour service to the volcano.

National guide service

U.S. $500Price per person

Foreign guide service

U.S. $500Price per person

This is a unique volcano among the Los Maribios mountain range, located in the west of the country, where tourists enjoy an impressive landscape of the rest of the volcanoes. The visitor has the possibility of going up and down from its volcanic cone, on a board, living an experience of pure adrenaline practicing sandboarding.

  •  sand boarding

national sandboarding

U.S. $1200Price per person

national sandboarding

U.S. $1700Price per person

foreign sandboarding

U.S. $2000Foreign

Juan Venado Island

Isla Juan deer _leon_naturaleza3

To get to know it, the ideal is to take a boat or kayak tour, to observe the different species of flora and fauna, as well as its mangrove forest, crocodiles, crabs and other crustaceans that live in its waters.

Craft Boat Tour

U.S. $30002 people

Boat Tour

U.S. $4000Larger group 10 people

* includes guide, boat and life jacket.

Beaches of Poneloya and Las Peñitas

Sunset at Poneloya_leon_naturaleza_gal5 beach

Their closeness allows them to be known on the same day. On these beaches you can enjoy its waters, practice surfing, since its waves lend themselves to this sport, walk and run along its coasts or enjoy its spectacular sunsets. Simply perfect places to relax.

* Free entry

Leon Cathedral

whose official name is Distinguished and Royal Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the largest religious building in Central America and a World Heritage Site. To get to know it in depth, you must take the four tours it offers; visit the cellars where you can see different antiques and religious relics, get to know the middle floor to observe the architectural richness and old images, and visit the Patio del Príncipe and the Cupolas, in the latter you can see the city at its maximum splendor and the mountain range of The Maribios.


C$4000Price per person

University students (present card)

C$2000Price per person


U.S. $300Price per person

foreign children

U.S. $100Price per person

colonial churches


Something that the tourist must do is go through and get to know its 16 colonial churches, to appreciate its architecture, which ranges from baroque to neoclassical, the most representative being the Church of La Recolección, La Merced, El Calvario and Sutiaba, in the indigenous town of El same name.

*Free access

Rubén Darío Archive Museum


Learn about the house where he lived, his history, his writings and personal belongings of Our Universal Poet Rubén Darío, one of the most important Spanish-speaking poets in the world, known as the Father of Modernism. If you wish to make a financial contribution, it is voluntary.



U.S. $100person x person

Ortiz Gurdian Art Gallery

This art gallery is distributed in four houses with wide corridors, halls and gardens, built between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. They are a sample of the most authentic Leonese architecture of the time. They belonged to illustrious families of the city. The visitor will have a memorable encounter with Western art, from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Romanticism, to Latin American Modernity, Indigenous Antiquity, and Contemporary Art.


C$3000Price per person


U.S. $350Price per person

Museum of Legends and Traditions Coronel Arrechavale


foreign adults

C$5000person x person

foreign children

C$2000person x person

*The prices may vary

Here you can learn about popular traditions and an interesting collection of characters related to the myths and legends of the city of León, and the rest of the country.

national adults

C$2000person x person

University students, primary and secondary.

C$1500person x person

national children

C$1000person x person