Río San Juan is the capital of nature, due to its high degree of conservation, diversity of exotic flora and fauna that is at its maximum splendor. Río San Juan is the story of its rivers, streams, jungle and its hard-working people, hospitable and brave artists.

A tourist in Río San Juan Lives history, which goes back to the colonial era and the transit route during the gold rush, visiting the 4 historic cemeteries in San Juan de Nicaragua, La Draga, the remains of Vapores, El Faro and the Municipal Museum.

How to enjoy Rio San Juan?

Immaculate Conception of Mary Fortress

It is located 60 km from San Carlos, during the boat trip on the San Juan River you will find the raudales machuca, the devil and the bull, the latter located in the town of Boca de Sábalos.

The historical monument Fortaleza de la Inmaculada Concepción de María, located on 375 hectares, is an infrastructure with an exhibition of historical facts, today restored and with its scenic beauty it is an important tourist attraction.

Tourists visiting the fortress can explore its interior and tour its interesting museum, which helps to understand the importance of the fortification. You can choose to stay in different accommodations, go fishing, or take a canoe ride to enjoy the true magic of the tropical rainforest.




U.S. $100Foreign

The ideal place to watch birds

Río San Juan is the only department in Nicaragua where you can go on a birding tour, due to the privileged geographical position Río San Juan is a natural corridor for native and migratory birds, among the favorite places to practice birdwatching are Solentiname, Los Guatuzos, El Castillo and Saint John of Nicaragua. Freehand capture and release of alligators.

A specialist guide on the banks of rivers such as San Juan and Papaturro captures them and explains about their way of life. Tour costs vary according to the site and time of the tour.

cost from

U.S. $1200person

Solentiname Archipelago National Monument

You cannot stop Marveling at the art in the Solentiname Archipelago National Monument, become an artisan for a day and paint a piece of raft.

Fishing… lake, river, pipes, lagoons or in the Caribbean Sea?

If you are a lover of sport fishing in Río San Juan you can do it in Lake Cocibolca, the San Juan River, channels and lagoons in San Juan de Nicaragua and of course in the Caribbean Sea.

Our department is privileged to have so many natural sources of water and in the same way a variety of species, which allows fishing activities to be carried out throughout the year.

9 fishing events take place in the department throughout the year, but if you want to do it out of competition, local guides offer fishing tours.

1 hour tour

U.S. $3500person

All inclusive 1 day

U.S. $60000person

Tours of Old and New San Juan

Or you can take a self-guided walk through the town and its neighborhoods and take a tour of the municipal museum.

To visit the municipal Museum, free pass.

Tour San Juan de Nicaragua and travel through time. In Old San Juan you can explore its 4 historic cemeteries, the old Dredger in the bay of the same name, a vestige of the unfinished works of just the beginning of the interoceanic canal, remains of Vapors, the old Lighthouse that guided the boats upon arrival to the great San Juan and among so much history you will find the modern aerodrome.

The new San Juan, I shared with its friendly people a meeting of cultures, here 3 ethnic groups "Rama, Creoles and Mestizos" live together, walk its central street and its interpretive platforms, visit the Municipal History Museum, take a walk around the neighborhood Rama and Laguna el Papayal and do not forget to enjoy the coast of the Caribbean Sea.


U.S. $2000per person