The architecture of the municipality is of colonial and modern influence, among its most outstanding buildings we can mention:

Parish church: the current temple is a concrete structure, with a large atrium in its surroundings. Its facade is modern in style and rectangular in shape, accessed by a single square door guarded by angels in the portico. The façade is decorated with a representation of a mountain crowned by the image of the globe.

in the curia of the Parish Church "El Carmen" You can see pre-Hispanic ceramics extracted from the La Quesera site, in some of them you can see human faces and geometric decorations.

Central Park: It is an area of ​​half a block in length, using a broken surface that is used to decorate several levels with surrounding platforms, a kiosk, benches for resting, a basketball court, two children's areas with different types of games and spacious green areas, a walkway Sunday Pepe where you can walk as a family.

The monument to the Virgin Our Lady of Carmen: This worship site was recently opened, especially for those who pay pledges. The area can be visited every day at any time. It is located at the exit to Matiguás, to get there you can take a taxi or walk from any point in the town.

In this municipality a monument to the bible.

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