Church of the National Sanctuary of Our Lord of Los Milagros_elsauce_arquitectura2

Church of the National Sanctuary of Our Lord of Miracles.

The municipality has monuments linked to history and culture; some considered local and national heritages, among them:

Church of the National Shrine of Our Lord of Miracles: Its construction is of colonial style and neoclassical facade. In 1984 it was declared a "National Sanctuary". In 1997 it was destroyed by a raging fire. It was rebuilt and restored in 1999, that same year it was declared by decree of the Law "Cultural Heritage of the Nation".

Old Railway Station: Inaugurated in 1932, a colonial-style house with a tile roof and taquezal walls is still preserved.

The Council: built in the last century, currently a relic for the willow people. This beautiful building is characterized by the long and welcoming corridors of 17 columns with their respective arches, with very large rooms for public service. Over the years it has had various uses; as a town hall, seat of the municipality, jail and barracks. During the fighting in the 1979 insurrection it suffered serious deterioration.

Today the south eastern corner has been restored.
Municipal Park of the Parish_elsauce_arquitectura1

Municipal Park of the Parish.

Municipal Park of lto Parish: Its colonial-style architectural design stands out, which together with the parish and the Sanctuary of Nuestro Señor de Milagros, makes a beautiful set with a flavor of the nineteenth century.

The municipality has two playgrounds: "Blues and Whites" and "Chaguitillo», intended for children's entertainment.


El Sauce Boulevard.

Un boulevard wooded and illuminated, which is very popular with the locals.Other sites of historical and cultural interest

House of Culture: You can learn about the cultural production of the municipality, here art workshops of all artistic disciplines are held and they promote the musical development of the municipality through the rescue and promotion of peasant music, where youth groups participate. It is located in the old local cinema.

The Stone of San Ramón: settled in three tenamastes, it is a place related to the indigenous culture.

Old Road: called "Moctezuma's Causeway", which according to what they say before the Spanish conquest was the route followed by the Mexican aborigines who went pearl fishing in the Gulf of Nicoya.

Urban tourism

Juan Ramón Blancher Baseball Stadium _elsauce_arquitectura3

Municipal Baseball Stadium Juan Ramón Blancher.

The most practiced sport in the area is baseballTherefore, the municipality has very well equipped sports facilities. There are also tennis courts basketball, distributed in the neighborhoods El Granero, La Parroquia and Azul y Blanco, you will undoubtedly love these options to distract yourself. If you like to entertain yourself observing artistic and cultural activities, visit the Municipal Dance Floor, used for the realization of various sports and cultural social events in the municipality.

Know the municipal library which is located in the old building of la Train station. It houses a museum that exhibits pieces that are preserved and date from the time when the train operated, such as the station safe, one of the main items on display.


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