Festivities: The Virgin of the Assumption is the patron saint of the city (August 15). The festive program includes: targets, cultural exhibitions, equestrian or nocturnal cavalcade, “caballito de palo” parade, election of queens, popular festivals, alboradas, presentations, cultural magazines, fairs and bullfighting evenings. These festivals are considered the best bullfighting expression in Nicaragua.

Other religious celebrations in the municipality are: Saint Caralampio (10 of February), San Juan (23 of June), San Jose del Lago (Puerto Diaz, March 19) and San Jeronimo (30 of September).

Every festivity or public activity is the stage for the music of the philharmonics, chicheros for the people, revalidate the reasons why it is considered artistic heritage of Chontales.

Our Lady of the Assumption


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