Nicarao Cacique

Reference municipality in the history of Nicaragua, territory of the Cacique Nicaragua or Nicarao and headquarters of the La Merced Church, the oldest in the country. Its small territory holds great and significant historical and cultural treasures.

It is an obligatory step for those who seek to discover new experiences and the fun that its renovated port offers with the scenic beauty of the Concepción and Maderas volcanoes as a backdrop.

In relation to the origin of the name of the municipality there are two versions, the first one establishes that between 1550 and 1560 Fray Pedro de Betanzos arrived and founded the Franciscan Convent of San Jorge and that from there the name of the municipality San Jorge.

The second version has to do with the image of Saint George that appeared in 1777 on the shores of the Lake Cocibolca, particularly in the community of Nahualapa.

Fruit trees in San Jorge

The municipality of San Jorge is located 115 kilometers from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. It limits to the north with Buenos Aires, to the south with Rivas, to the east with Lake Cocibolca and to the west with the municipality of Rivas.

Its main economic activity is agriculture and the predominant crops are citrus, fruit trees, corn, musaceae, sorghum and vegetables; the main item is the banana. The cattle ranch is of double intention and it is developed essentially to the south of the municipality.

The commerce sector is mainly linked to Port of San Jorge, as a gateway to Ometepe Island for residents, visitors and tourists, as well as for merchandise from Managua or Rivas.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



24.83 km2 50.00 AMSL 8,798 inhabitants
Urbana: 7,410 Rural: 1,388


San Jorge Beach

Located 114 kms. from Managua, to get to this municipality you must board a collective transport unit at the bus terminal located in the Roberto Huembes Market in Managua to Rivas and from there take a taxi. Some express buses travel directly to the port of San Jorge and coincide with the departure of the boats for Ometepe.

By private vehicle you can take the Carretera a Masaya or the Carretera Sur, until you reach Nandaime, continue towards Rivas and at the entrance roundabout turn left towards San Jorge.



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